At K Print we supply a wide range of duplicate and triplicate NCR docket books.
Choose from A4 and A5 sizes, with 50 sheets per pad.
K Print
We supply many types of duplicate NCR docket books such as Receipt Books, Purchase Order Books, Delivery Books, Invoice Books, Service Record Books, Shop Measure Books etc.
There are a variety of different finishes and processes in this area.
Just ask for your specific requirements.
Bound at Side
Bound at Top
With Loose Insert

A5 NCR With
Wrap Around Cover

Sets Per Pack

Most of our docket books are supplied with 50 2-part sets in each book. This allows you to keep one copy for your records and a duplicate copy for your customer or supplier. We can also supply the books with 3 or 4 part sets.

Paper Colour Options

The paper used in docket books comes in various colours with the most popular being white, yellow and pink. White is always used for the top copy. Other paper colour options include green and blue.


We number each of the sets throughout the docket books. This is especially useful for receipt books, purchase order books and invoice books where you need to track the details and values of goods or services given to customers. We start numbering at 0001 in new books unless advised to number differently. We keep records of all numbering so that when it comes to reordering numbers always stay in sequence.

Easy to Fill In

Each book has a wrap around cover or if you prefer a loose card insert. The wrap around cover or card is placed between
the sets so you have a firm surface to write on when filling in each form.

Single or full colour printing

Because docket books are used for administration purposes they are generally printed in black only as this keeps the cost down. We can also print in colour if required.

Easy Tear Out

We put a small perforation (tiny cut marks) along the top or side edge of each set. This allows you to easily remove copies from the book to give to your customer or supplier.

Design and templates for new docket books

Our designers are very familiar with the layout of standard docket books like invoice, delivery and purchase order books. We can easily adapt a current template to include your brand, contact details and any specific requirements you may have for the layout of your form.

Loose NCR 3 part sets

We also supply loose 2 part or 3 part NCR duplicate sets. These are a good option to consider if you prefer not to go to the expense of having books made.

How they work

The paper used in docket books is referred to as carbon or NCR paper. When you apply pressure with a pen to the top sheet it carries the written information through to the second sheet. The back of the top sheet and the top of the second sheet have special carbon coatings and this allows the duplicate copy to be made.

Did you know!

NCR paper takes its name from National Cash Register, the US company that invented the paper back in 1953 when it was looking at ways to do away with sheets of carbon paper and ribbon used in its typewriters and cash registers. By coincidence NCR also stands for No Carbon Required.

Delivery and order quantities

Our delivery time for docket books is 5 working days from the date you sign off on final artwork.

Other Stationery Printing

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To obtain a quote for printing duplicate NCR docket books please fill in the enquiry form or call us on 01 286 3330.