At K Print we supply A4 printed letterheads on 100 gsm bond NCR docket books.
Choose from A4 and A5 sizes. We can design your letterheads for you
using our range of different templates We offer a great choice of material options.
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If you are looking to get a brochure or booklet printed you have come to right place. K Print have great experience printing brochures and booklets for companies across a wide variety of business sectors. Whatever the quantity, size or finish you are looking for we will be able to provide a solution to match your needs.
There are many different Brochure sizes and finishes, talk to us about your vision.
Examples of Brochures and Booklets printed by K Print
Policy Booklet
Training Course
Course Catalogue
Beauty Salon
Book List Catalogue
Annual Report
Construction Brochure
Visitor Attraction Brochure
Brochure and Booklet Design

Graphic Design Service

Our team of designers can help you to design a new brochure or booklet. The following are 5 key things we recommend you consider at the start of this process.

5 Things To Consider

when designing a new brochure or booklet.

1. Who is your target customer ?

If you have a clear picture of who your target customer is you will be able to tailor the design to make it attractive to them. Consider things like age profiles, gender, what business sectors your customers are in, where are they located, what product features and benefits are they looking for.

2. What size brochure or booklet would you like to use ?

When starting off the 6 page DL size may be best option from a cost point of view. 4 page and 8 page A5 and A4 sizes are also popular. We can give you quotes for a range of sizes and quantities so you can decide which option is best for your budget.

3. What images and photographs should be included ?

Remember pictures tell a thousand words. Have you got good images to tell your story? Do you have a good photo for the front cover ? Do you need to have new photos taken or can you use stock photography from websites like and Have you got illustrations or graphs to help explain more technical products and services.

4. What text do you need to include in the brochure or booklet ?

It is important that you set aside time to write the copy that needs to be included in the brochure or booklet. Give it some structure starting with the front cover and ending with the last page. List the headings for the main areas to be covered like company profile, products, services, contact details, testimonials and pricing. Remember you need to write the copy with your target audience in mind so keep it as simple or technical as is appropriate.

5. Who are your main competitors ?

Try to get copies of your competitors brochures and also conduct a detailed review or their websites. What features and benefits do they focus on, what images do they use and how can you design your brochure or booklet to be clearly different. Our designers have great experience with this process and can guide you in the right direction.
Brochure and Booklet Templates
Depending on the business sector you operate in we have lots of different templates to help you tell your story. We can make suggestions for images, headings, page layout and the best colours to use. We can also pull all these elements together as part of a branding exercise for your business. The following are examples of a few design templates.
Medical Clinic Brochure Template
Fashion Brochure Template
Spa Brochure Template
Juice Bar Clinic
Estate Agent Brochure Template
Travel Brochure Template
Jargon Buster!

Binding and Finishing Options

Depending on the number of pages in your brochure or booklet they can be bound in different ways. The following are the some of the standard binding methods used by K Print.

Saddle Stitching

The most common way to bind magazines, newsletters, brochures and booklets is saddle stitching. Two strong staples are placed through the middle sheets to hold all the pages together.Once the number of pages in a brochure or booklet to around 60 you need to consider other forms of binding as stitching will not hold the pages together properly. Pur binding which uses a strong glue to bind the pages and spine together is the option we recommend. With Pur binding the spine has a straight edge and if the width is wide enough you can print the name of the brochure or booklet along the spine.

Wiro Binding

Wiro binding as its name suggests uses a coil of wire to bind the sheets together. The main advantage of wiro binding over saddle stitching and Pur binding is that it allows the pages to lie completely flat. For this reason wiro binding is often used for training manuals, text books, menus and note books. The wire colour can be white, black or silver. We generally also add a clear cover and a card back to our wiro booklets for added protection.

Paper Options and Finishes

Brochures and booklets generally use coated papers as these show off colour well. The standard paper used for 6 page DL brochures and single page A4 brochures is 170 gsm silk.
The standard paper used for the text pages of A5 and A4 brochures is anything from 115 gsm silk to 170 gsm silk and for the covers anything from 250 gsm silk to 350 gsm silk. If you would like your brochure to have a more natural look we recommend using uncoated papers. These are less smooth to touch and allow the printed colours to sit into the paper giving images a matt appearance. We also stock a wide range of recycled papers like the popular “Revive” and “Cyclus” ranges.
If your booklet or brochure has a large number of pages we recommend that the cover is given a matt or gloss laminate as this will prevent marking and enhance its appearance. Can also include special finishes on the cover like UV varnish, embossing and gold or silver foiling.


The standard delivery time for most of our brochures and booklets is 5 working days from the time you sign off on final artwork. Short runs can be supplied in two to three days. Booklets and brochures requiring special finishes like UV varnishing, embossing and Pur binding may take a few extra days. We deliver using our own delivery van in Dublin and by next day courier services throughout Ireland.

To obtain a quote to print a brochure or booklet please fill in the enquiry form or call us on 01 286 3330.