At K Print we understand that boxes are not merely boxes. Folding boxes contain complicated die lines containing printed panels, unprinted areas for glue, scores, cuts, tuck tabs, hinges and flaps for containment and display purposes. Confused yet? We speak the right language, understand the terminology and have the experience to guide your packaging project to an on budget, on brand solution.

We will help you choose the correct type of packaging based on your product, fulfilment requirements and budget. Whether your product requires basic packaging accessories like a sleeve or backing card or more complicated crash lock or two-piece boxes, we’ve seen them all. Our aim is to provide perfect packaging not only for your product but also for your customers. Packaging must work for product security, brand impact and customer criteria. The customer criteria may be environmental credentials, it may be a medical situation that requires specific durable materials, or it may simply be providing the easiest packaging for the customer to open, these days there are many elements to consider when deciding on your packaging solution.

Sample Packaging

Charity Money Collection Box

When charities are organising fundraising events they often use money collection boxes to collect loose change and bank notes during the event. K Print were able to supply the Vincent De Paul with a money collection box for their Christmas Jumper appeal. We were given a guide on the size of box required and then we produced a keyline with the exact dimensions and layout for a working box. The type of box used was a “crash lock box”. This kind of box packs flat so it can be easily posted in an envelope or handed out to donors. The base and sides of the boxes are glued in such a way that the box folds into shape easily. The boxes were produced on folding box board.


Medical Device Box

Many companies need to source unique packaging to hold their products.  The requirements can vary greatly depending  on the product and business sector. K Print had  the pleasure of working with Neuromod Medical Devices on some unique packaging required for the US market. The Neuromod design team had a clear idea of what they needed in terms of materials and sizes and were able to provide  us with their own keylines for producing samples.  K Prints task was to produce everything on time and to the quality standard required. We achieved these goals exactly as required. The boxes were produced on brown E Flute


Marketing Materials Box

When presenting marketing materials to customers it is often a good idea to use a pocket folder or other form of packaging  to hold each of the elements. K Print supply medical companies with boxes used to hold patient user manuals and instruction guides.

For added convenience these boxes open  and close using a magnet built into the lid.  Each box is made to precisely fit the various booklets it holds and the boxes are produced  on strong 610 micron Proxima board.

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