At K Print we supply premium quality business cards
We can design and proof the cards for you using different templates

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The great thing about business cards is that they are one of the least expensive items to print and one of the best ways for you to promote your business.
Template Ideas to choose from
Golf Club

Business Card Sizes, Materials and Finishes

Most business cards are printed to credit card size which is 55mm high x 85mm wide. This ensures that your cards are easy to store and give to customers.

Because business cards are relatively small they need to be printed on thick card so that they do not feel flimsy. For business cards the thickness used is generally 350gsm. (Gsm – grams per square inch, is the term used in printing to measure thickness.)

Most business cards are printed on board with a silk finish. A silk finish means the board will have a nice smooth feel and will show off colour well. Cards with a matt uncoated finish are also popular. The matt board has a more textured feel and absorbs ink easily resulting in colours showing up less brightly than on cards with a silk finish.

Laminating business cards

For extra durability we recommend that you have your cards laminated. A laminate is a thin plastic film that is placed on the front and back of the card after printing.
K Print offer three different options:
Matt Lamination – smooth finish, softens the colours
Gloss Lamination – smooth finish, brightens the
Soft Touch Lamination – like matt lamination but with a velvet, peach skin feel.

Quantity of Business Cards to Print

For office-based staff we recommend you print 250 business cards and for sales people we recommend 500 or more. The cost to print two sets of business cards is only marginally more expensive than printing one set of cards. So for better value try to get two or more sets printed at the same time as this will result in a much lower unit cost.

Special Finishes for business cards-Gold and Silver Foil / Embossing

If you really want to stand out from the crowd adding a gold or silver foil finish to your business cards will do the trick. Foiling is generally used to highlight your company logo and a special foil block is made to do this. Another option to consider is embossing which results in an area like the logo being pressed down into the card. This looks particularly well when used on thick uncoated board.

Business Card Design, Proofing and Templates

We can design a new business card for you using many of our standard templates. We often do this as part of a wider design project that includes other stationery items like company letterheads and compliment slips. We e-mail you proofs of the business cards prior to printing so you can make sure all names, phone numbers and addresses are correct.

Printing large volumes of business cards

If your company needs to get business cards printed on a regular basis we have a solution that will speed up your delivery times and reduce your costs. We do this by pre printing sheets with one side of your cards – the side without contact details. Then when you are ready to order we just overprint a quantity of the pre printed sheets with the contact details of the new cards required.

Business Card Delivery Times

Our standard delivery time for business cards is three working days from the day you sign off on a proof. You may also be intersted in envelopes, letterheads, docket books, compliment slips.

To obtain a quote for printing business cards please fill in the in the enquiry form or call us on 01 286 3330.