At K Print we supply a wide range of printed envelopes.
Choose from C4, C5, C6 and DL sizes. Customise with your brand and contact details.

Examples of coloured envelopes by K Print

Printed envelopes are a great addition to your company’s business stationary. By adding your logo or marketing message to the front of your envelopes you immediately project an image of quality and stand out from your competitor.

Envelope Types to choose from

C4 Printed
Illustration of C4 printed envelope
C5 Printed
Illustration of C5 printed envelope
C6 Printed
Illustration of C6 printed envelope
DL Printed
Illustration of DL printed envelope

324mm x 229mm

162mm x 229mm

114mm x 162mm

110mm x 220mm

Envelope Size Fits, Windows and Seals.

A C4 envelope fits an A4 sheet that has been left unfolded.
A C5 envelope fits an A4 sheet that has been folded into halves.
A C6 envelope fits an A4 sheet that has been folded into quarters.
A DL envelope fits an A4 sheet that has been folded into thirds.

All our envelopes are available with and without address windows. Window envelopes are a good choice if you are using the envelopes for regular mailings like invoicing as they avoid the need to address the envelopes.

You know how inconvenient it can be to have to moisten and seal envelopes. This is easily avoided by ordering envelopes that are self-seal or peel and seal. With self-seal envelopes one side of the opening flap is pre gummed so that all you have to do is fold it over to seal. Peel and seal envelopes are similar but there is a protective paper strip over the pre gummed area which you remove easily. There is very little difference in price between these two options.

Image of envelopes with windows
Woman holding a self-seal envelope
Example of wallet envelopes in various colours
Example of pocket envelopes in various colours

Wallet Envelopes (long edge opening) VS Pocket Envelopes (short edge opening)

Most DL, C6 and C5 envelopes have the opening on the longer side of the envelope – referred to as wallet opening.
Most C4 envelopes have the opening on the shorter side of the envelope – referred to as pocket opening. We supply both options. If in doubt please ask and we will point you in the right direction.

Envelope Templates (and keylines)

We can supply you with templates for all our different envelopes. These templates shown the exact dimensions of the envelopes and the position and sizes of the address windows.

Envelope Layout

The following are a few things to keep in mind regarding the layout of envelopes.
Your return address should always go in the top left corner. The top right corner should be left blank for the stamp, franking mark or your postal licence (Ceadunas).
If you have your own postal licence (Ceadunas) this can be printed in this corner. Your logo or other branding should be placed in the bottom left or bottom right corners.
Leave a 5 mm clear gap on all edges. This allows us to overprint your artwork onto plain stock envelopes.

Envelope Quantities

When we print envelopes we pack them into boxes with the following quantities in each box.
Image shows colourful envelopes
Example of various types of stationery printed by K Print, such as folder, letterhead, business card, compliment slip and envelope

Envelope Design

Our designers have great experience designing envelopes that will grab the attention of anyone who receives them. We can also assist with making sure layout complies with the guidelines set by An Post.

Delivery Times

Our standard delivery time for printed envelopes is five working days.

Other Stationery Printing

You may also be interested in our letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, docket books.

To obtain a quote please follow the link below to our contact form, or call us on 01 286 3330.