At K Print we supply a wide range of labels and stickers, plain and printed. Available on sheets or rolls with permanent or removable adhesive.

Image shows a 'Handle with care' sticker placed on a cardboard box

Examples of Labels and Stickers printed by K Print

Price Labels

Image shows a roll of price labels from Dubray Books Dublin

Special Offer Labels

Image of printed special offer labels

Logo Labels

Image of printed logo labels

Warning Labels

Image of printed warning labels

Barcode Labels

Image of printed barcode labels

Plain Labels

Image of printed plain labels

Bottle Labels

Image of printed bottle labels

Name Badge Stickers

Image of printed name badge stickers

Asset tag Labels

Image of printed asset tag labels

Covid Labels

Image of printed Covid labels

Service Record Stickers

Image of printed service record labels

Cleaned & Sealed Labels

Image of printed cleaned & sealed labels

Price Labels and Stickers

We supply a wide range of price labels and stickers for use in the retail sector. These labels are supplied with an adhesive that is easy to remove and will not blemish or tear the product packaging. The quantity of labels we supply on each roll can be adjusted to amounts that are suitable for you to send to each store.

Special Offer Labels and Stickers

We supply special offer labels and stickers in many different sizes and shapes. They are supplied on rolls with removable adhesive ideal for use in the retail trade.

Logo Labels and stickers

We supply logo labels on sheets and on rolls. These can be specially made for use on fabric, plastic or metal surfaces. We can supply sampels for testing prior to printing the full order.

Warning Labels and Stickers

We supply a wide range of warning labels and stickers. These can be supplied on single sheets, on rolls and with clear backgrounds suitable for use on glass. Our range includes over 50 different internationally recognized warning symbols associated with common hazards such as fire, electricity and chemicals.
Image of printed warning labels and stickers

Barcode Labels

We supply a large range of barcode labels on sheets and rolls. There are many different barcode labels but broadly speaking we supply them in one of two formats:

1D linear code barcode labels:

This is the most common style of barcode with black and white lines running parallel to one another. This barcode can encode numbers and keyboard characters and all the information in the code is organized horizontally from left to right.

2D barcode labels:

These barcodes are more complex as they organize information vertically and horizontally. This allows 2D barcodes to hold more information and take up less space than 1D barcodes.

Plain Labels

We supply a wide range of plain white labels in different sizes suitable for use on inkjet and laser printers.

Bottle Labels

We supply a wide selection of bottle labels suitable for use in the cosmetics, medical, pharma, drinks and commercial sectors. If the labels are being used in an automated factory setting we can make sure the core size of the rolls the labels are supplied on match the specification of your label applicator.

Name Badge Stickers

We supply name badge stickers in several different circular and rectangular sizes. They are supplied on rolls with an adhesive that will stick to clothes but will not leave a residue or mark the clothes when removed. A great way to identify large numbers of employees and volunteers at fundraising and marketing events.

Asset Tag Labels

Asset Tag labels identify valuable assets in your business like lap top computers, machinery, company vehicles and hire equipment. They act as a deterrent against theft and allow you to brand the asset with your company name, logo and other important information such as serial numbers and product specifications. We supply different options including ultra-destruct asset tag labels which come apart in small fragments when you try to remove them.

Covid Safe Distance Labels and Stickers

We supply a wide range of Covid labels and stickers for use on all surfaces such as floors, glass, wood and plastic. These include all safe distance, good hand hygiene and how to prevent COVID 19 options recommended by the HSE.

Service Record Stickers

We supply service record stickers used on medical and fire safety equipment. They are generally used by companies who need to audit the working standards of equipment on an annual basis. The stickers are easy to write on and can be supplied with a permanent or removable adhesive.

Cleaned and Sealed labels

We supply cleaned and sealed labels for use in hotels, hospitals, hire cars and other places where an area must be disinfected prior to be being used by another person. The middle of the label has a small perforation which when torn clearly indicates that the door or window has been opened.

Quality Control

We supply labels and stickers that are manufactured to the highest quality standards including the Irish ISO 9001 and British BRC accreditation standards. Whether your business is in the pharma, medical, food, drinks, IT or other sectors you can be assured that we can match the standards you require. We can work with you to introduce quality control measures in line with any supply chain guidelines you may have. We can arrange on site visits to our production facilities so you can meet our production teams and get a better understanding of the service we can offer – subject to ongoing Covid 19 guidelines.
Image Control Approved symbol

You need to be careful to choose the correct material and adhesive backing for your labels and stickers. The following are some of the main materials we recommend:

Anodised Aluminum:
Suitable for labels and stickers that will be exposed to extreme weather conditions
Etched Stainless Steel and Brass:
Both of these are heavy duty and suitable for use where the label or sticker comes into contact with corrosive liquids or is subject to frequent vibrations.
Fasson Crack Back and Score back adhesive:
The backing sheet has small lines cut across it which split open allowing you to remove the label or sticker easily. Many of our short run digital labels use this material.
Kiss Cut Sheets:
You may be familiar with this kind of sheet if you have ever purchased address labels. The labels on the sheet have fine cut marks around each label allowing you to remove the labels easily from the sheet. These are also a good option for small labels and short runs.
Metalised Polyester:
Suitable if you want to print labels or stickers with a metal or mirror type finish.
Matt, Gloss and Semi-Gloss Vinyl:
Vinyl adhesive is strong and durable and offers good protection against moisture and UV light.
Laminated Vinyl:
Adding a laminate to a regular vinyl will give it extra strength and extra moisture protection.
This has similar properties to regular vinyl but offers greater flexibility especially for smaller labels and stickers
Tamper Evident / Ultra Destructible Vinyl:

Comes away in small fragments when you try to remove it which makes it perfect for use with asset tag labels.

Recycled paper:

Options are limited as recycled paper is not suitable for laminating or outdoor use. However new ranges of recycled label and sticker paper are coming on stream all the time driven by demand from the food and drinks sectors.

Production Choices
At K print we use three different production methods to print labels and stickers.
The method we use depends on the quantity of labels you require
and where they are being used.

Digital, Flexo and Screen-Printed labels and stickers
At K Print we use three different methods to print labels and stickers Digital, Flexo and Screen. The method we use depends on the quantity of labels or stickers you require and where they are being used.
Flexo printed:
When volumes are higher and there is a particular need to use non-porous substrates like in the food and drinks industry flexo printing comes into its own. With flexo printing new printing plates are required but this is a once off cost as the plates can be used again on future orders.
Digitally printed:
Most of our labels and stickers are printed digitally and supplied on sheets or rolls. Digital has lower set up costs and does not require printing plates or screens.
Screen printed:
When there is a requirement for labels to be very durable screen printing can be the best option. With screen printing it is possible to print onto thick vinyl and metal materials and you are guaranteed that no bubbling or peeling will occur. Screen printed labels are very moisture resistant and so are widely used outdoors and on containers that are washed and reused.

Design, Templates and Proofing
We would be pleased to help you with the design of your labels or stickers. We have many different templates to choose from that can be altered to include your brand and product details. Prior to printing we send you PDF proofs to sign off and
can also send you samples to look over.

Take a look at some of the layouts below as a starting point.

Jar labels
Image of printed jar labels
Bottle labels
Image of printed bottle label
Circular product labels
Image of printed circular product label
Rectangular product labels
Image of printed rectangular product label
Bottle labels
Image of printed bottle label
Branded labels
Image of printed branded labels

Warning labels

Image of printed warning labels
Vinyl label full colour
Image of printed vinyl label in full colour
Oval product label
Image of printed oval label
Product label round corners
Image of printed product label with rounded corners
Promotional label
Image of printed promotional label for LauraLynn
Coloured functional labels
Image of printed coloured functional labels

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