At K Print we supply a wide range of printed note pads.
Choose from A4, A5, DL or A6 sizes with 50 sheets per pad.

Note pad with a hand and pen

Branded and Printed Note Pads

Ruled For Notes
Example of ruled notepad, printed by K Print
A5 Notepad
Example of A5 notepad, printed by K Print
A6 Notepad
Example of A6 notepad, printed by K Print
Conference Pad
Example of conference pad, printed by K Print
Medical Cert
Example of medical cert, printed by K Print
Example of medical receipt, printed by K Print
Example of medical prescription, printed by K Print
Desk Diary Pads
Example of desk diary pads, printed by K Print

Note pad Uses

Branded notepads provide a great way to record notes at meetings and also give you an opportunity to look professional in front of clients.
They are widely used for note taking at conferences and training events. Sales people like to use them as an inexpensive gift to customers and the pads can be printed with their name and contact details.
Notepads are also widely used by doctors and other professionals to write out standard forms like receipts, medical certificates and prescriptions.
Example of school report pad, printed by K Print
A doctor passing a prescription to his patient
A doctor writing out a prescription on a pre-printed prescription pad

Note pad sizes and product specification

The most popular sizes for notepads are A4 and A5 but we can make them any size you require. They can be printed in full colour or just one colour. All our pads are printed on 100 gsm bond which is perfect for writing on. They are glued along the top or side edges and have a card back to act as a firm surface to write on. Most of our pads have 50 sheets but you can also have as few as 20 sheets or as many as 100 sheets per pad.

Two other things to consider with note pads:

When it comes to ruling – do you want to have horizontal ruler lines in the body of the notepad. When it comes to file holes – do you need file holes included – a good idea if you end up putting the sheets into ring binders.

Other popular uses for note pads include:

Prescription Pads

Medical Prescription Pads

Invoice Pads

Appointment Pads

Delivery Note Pads

Survey Pads

Questionnaire Pads

School Report Pads

Example of checklist pad, printed by K Print
Insurance form made into a pad by K Print
K Print graphic designer in front of a laptop with design software
Printed notepads being bundled with string for delivery by K Print

Note pad Design

Our design team can help you with the layout and design of any notepad. We will make sure that your logo and contact details are clearly displayed and that the layout is clear and easy to fill in.

Delivery Times

Our delivery time for notepads is 5 working days from the date you sign off on final artwork.

Other Stationery Printing

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To obtain a quote for printing customised A4, A5 and A6 notepads please fill in the enquiry form or call us on 01 286 3330.