You’ve probably noticed that there are some companies that still dedicate time and money to producing printed brochures and catalogues. You’ll hear us say thank heavens for that but let me give you an insight into why, it’s not just to keep us busy here in K Print. In an increasingly digital world, you may be wondering why these still exist? Are brochures, catalogues, and printed marketing material still relevant? Yes – they absolutely are, and companies produce them because they work! Let’s take a look at the benefits of having printed marketing materials even in our tech-centered world.

  1. They Stand Out

The internet is no longer a novel technology. Rather, it is simply part of our day-to-day lives. Think about your own experience with digital ads. They tend to blur into the background. Even ads targeted to you and your hobbies or interests, likely often have difficulty drawing your attention. Catalogues stand out in an era where tangible marketing material is rarer. Customers who get a catalogue in the post from you or who are left a printed marketing piece are more likely to engage. They feel valued and special, in a digital world leaving a tangible piece of branding makes you stand out.

  1. Strengthen Your Brand

Brochures and catalogues are not only mechanisms to sell products; they also play an important role of helping to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Adding content and features in between lists of products can strengthen the relationship between your brand and prospective customers while helping you clearly position your brand for your customers. Whether you want to talk about sustainability initiatives, charitable causes, tips for customers, or something else, your content can make buyers proud to associate with your company.

  1. They Bring Customers to Your Other Channels

A multi-channel marketing approach is effective in part because having multiple sources helps customers to increase engagement. Customers who leaf through your brochure are likely to also go on your website or visit your social media channels. Driving potential customers to these outlets will help increase their likelihood of taking action and making purchases, making brochures important for both present and future customer actions.

  1. Present Products in a Vivid Way

Another major strength of printed brochures is that they allow for the presentation of products in eye-catching ways that cannot necessarily be duplicated in online ads. Full page or double-page spreads of particular products can draw attention and showcase versatility or product hierarchy, if your hero product has its own double page spread in the brochure, customers will sit up and take notice. For many customers, the way that you display products in a brochure can make them imagine themselves with the product, increasing a desire to make a purchase. Never underestimate being aspirational, that’s hard to do in a fleeting image on our social media feed, but your products spread across a brochure can really paint a picture.

  1. They Serve as Reminders about Your Company

Would you like to have a physical reminder of your brand on the desks of your prospective customers? This is essentially what a printed brochure serves as. While not everyone who gets one will immediately open it, catalogues and brochures tend to get put on the shelf or in a drawer where they serve as a reminder that your organization exists for days or even weeks. Not only is this great subliminal messaging, but most people eventually pick them up and leaf through them.

Final Thoughts

While we certainly do live in a digital world, printed brochures and catalogues still play an important role. When your customers are overwhelmed by ads on social media channels, putting a printed brochure in their hands is a great way to get your brand in front of the people you want to see it! Talk to us today if you want to give your brand a long-lasting image.